Welcome to our processing plant

The Nutcracker cardano staking pool [NUTCK]

“Like a squirrel do, we work hard in order to crack and collect as nuts as we can, join up!!”

We are nutcracking right now, come and see.

Who we are?

We are a team with more than 20 years of successful experience in the world of IT´s.

All of us are working in different projects of technology mainly in systems and networks consultancy and project managing areas

What we do here?

This is like a personal challenge that offer our capabilities to the world. Cardano's vision gives us the opportunity to participate by developing our potential and applying the experience accumulated in these years of work at a reasonable cost and with a very interesting performance potential.

All this without forgetting that we are participating in a great ideal which is the sustainable decentralization of the current market.

How we do it?

Using our knowledge and hiring the optimal material resources to obtain the best results and thus be able to offer the best service to our "customers".

Are we a real option for you?

This is a question that only you can answer, we will be happy to help you to solve any questions you have so that you can make the best decision and, if you choose us, do not have the slightest doubt that we will do everything in our hands to archive it and so that your trust be durable in time, that will be our greatest reward. Let's talk. Telegram

Our vision

CHOOSE: "It´s your right"

The Cardano community collaborates to change the world by promoting the decentralization of the financial system and for this, hundreds of colleagues have dedicated our time and resources to offer you a series of Staking Pools in order to achieve this.

We are one more option, truely we are neither the largest, nor the most numerous nor the ones with the most economic support behind them, what we guarantee is that we are a reliable team, prepared and with enthusiasm. We have a great experience of successes in the IT world with specialization in networks and systems, as well as in the management of large-scale projects that we now put at the service of the CARDANO community for its consolidation and growth.

DELEGATE: "It´s your chance"

If you are reading this, you will know that delegation is the way to put your ADAs to work for you without compromising their integrity. (No risk of loss because no one can touch them).

You grant the right of use to support a certain Pool, this increases our chances of being chosen as "Leader" in the resolution of blocks. When this happens, the rest of the work is on us.

WIN: "It´s your reward"

One of the main pillars of the action protocol that governs Cardano is equity among the components of its community. This feature greatly equalizes the profit sharing options among its participants as it gives to the modest (both the operator´s pools and the delegators) the opportunity to feel important through a fair distribution of the activity and its consequent rewards.

This work vision encourages us to continue collaborating in the network and with your support every day we will be a little better known in society as a sustainable, safe and efficient alternative to the current centralized monopolies.

What we offer

Fair pool margin fee 1%

We offer a cardano staking pool at a fair 1% margin fee. We are developing our bussiness too, so let's go together.

Highly Secure

We follow the best practices in cardano transaction processing, and airgap protocols.

Reliable Infraestructure

We offer 24/7 securiry and monitoring with Enterprise level cloud infraestructure.

Peering pools

We constantly keep in mind our peers in order to maximize integration with the network and minimize transaction times.

Staking pool stats

Core stats

Pool information

Delegating ADA in 6 steps

  • Staking ADA is a zero-risk to you.
  • Staking ADA is NOT sending money to pool.
  • Staking ADA is ONLY delegating staking priviledges to a pool.
  • Staking ADA keeps your ADA into your wallet.
  • Staking ADA permit transfer ADA from/to your wallet at any time.
  • You can unstake or redelegate ADA at any time to any pool.
  • Staking rewards are paid in ADA into Daedalus wallet account.
  • Register a wallet into cardano network for stake have a deposit of 2₳.
  • The process of register and delegate have each one a network transaction fee (around 0.20₳).

Download and install Daedalous

You can create multiple wallet address within Daedalous and delegate your ada to diferent stake pools. We strongly recomend using only trusted sources to download the software. Please be carefull with fake cardano sotware and don't follow links provided by anyone. Be sure to use "daedaluswallet.io".

Go to delegation center in Daedalous

On the left of your Daedalus wallet, click the network icon. This takes you into the delegation center. You will need to sync your wallet with the blockchain and have ADA stored in the wallet before delegation. Please be patient with the first syncing process.

Select the wallet containing the ADA to be staked

In the delegation center, you will see a list of your wallets. Select the wallet which holds the ADA you wish to stake. Click the "Delegate" Button.Select your wallet and click continue.

Select a stake pool

Here, you can either select from the list of available pools or start typing the name of a pool you wish to delegate to. You can find us as NUTCK ticker. Enter your spending password and pay a small fee in ADA to delegate to it.

Delegate your stake

You will receive a message congratulating you on your delegation stake. You have now successfully delegated your ADA stake to a pool and start waiting for a staking rewards. Changes to delegation preference takes effect after 2 epochs.

Ready to craking nuts

If you choose us as a staking pool, and wait 2 epoch, you are now a Nutcracker. Welcome to our processing plant!

Get in touch

Please use our telegram group to contact us. Telegram